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You cannot to share, sell or swap our cross stitch charts digitally or by Hard Copy. You cannot sell our cross stitch charts on eBay!

We retain the copyrights on all cross stitch charts on this site. We also retain the copyrights to all the free charts on this site. FREE means you do not have to purchase the chart. It does not mean the chart is copyright free.

By downloading our free cross stitch charts you agree not upload our charts (free or purchased) to any web sites which includes but is not limited to Blogs, Groups or Clubs.

You cannot resell our charts in any shape or form whatsoever.

You can sell your finished stitched work as often as you like without our prior consent.

Copyright on images used to create these cross stitch charts.

Some of the images used to create the cross stitch charts on this site have been collected from various public domain sources on the internet and all are believed to be free of copyright.

The marjority of the images on this site used to create cross stitch charts belong to Copyright-Free and Royalty-Free Clipart and Graphic Collections we have bought on CD-ROMs or copyright/royalty free clipart books we own. Some images we have purchased a non exclusive license to make the charts. Verification of such licenses can be produced if needed.

If there are any violations, or credit that should be given please notify us and the situation will be immediately remedied.

If any images are found to be in violation of any copyright laws, they will be removed immediately upon receipt of written verification of ownership and/or copyright.

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